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Daniel Fast recipes are essentially a whole food plant-based diet with no bread or sweeteners. There are two passages (Daniel 1:12 and Daniel 10:12-13) that define the diet as: (1) eating only fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds; (2) avoiding "choice foods" such as meat, dairy and sugars; (3) drinking only water.

What can you eat on the Daniel Fast?

  • Vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned, or dried): All vegetables (including potatoes and squashes, as long as they are not fried)

  • Fruits (fresh, frozen, canned or dried): All fruits

  • Whole grains and legumes: All whole grains including brown rice, quinoa, corn, wild rice, oats, popcorn, and all legumes including beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas. Also includes whole grain pasta and whole grain tortillas.


What to avoid on the Daniel Fast:

  • Animal and dairy products including any meat, seafood, eggs, milk, and cheese.

  • Processed foods of any kind, including crackers, chips, fries, fast food, anything with additives. or preservatives, white flour, and white rice.

  • Leavened bread meaning anything including yeast, like sandwich bread, artisan bread.

  • Sweeteners including sugar, stevia, maple syrup and honey.

  • Drinks including coffee, tea, sweetened beverages, soda, and alcohol.


  • Berries

  • Dried fruit (with no added sugar)

  • Frozen fruit

  • Granola (unsweetened)

  • Nuts

  • Popcorn (no butter)

  • Raw veggies

  • Unsweetened apple sauce

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