Holy Tabernacle of God Missionary Baptist Church - The Journey

Joe Green.jpg

Our beginning:

325 N. Hillcrest Ave.

Inglewood, CA

May 1977 - April 1981

325 N. Hillcrest Sign.jpg
Ilene Hicks.jpg

Ileane Hicks (left) used her tithes to open the doors for the first time.

Charles G and Errie.jpg

Three of our organizing members: Charles Givens, Errie Norris,
Joe Green

325 N. Hillcrest2.jpg
325 N. Hillcrest1.jpg
325 N. Hillcrest.jpg
325 N. Hillcrest3.jpg

A few faces of the beginning.

Our purchase:

6701 West Blvd.

Inglewood, CA

April 1981 - Oct. 2004

Holy Tabernacle Sign (2).jpg
Bldg Before.jpg
Bldg Ready to Move In.jpg

Ready to move in.

Property had several houses used for prostitution, drugs
and gambling.

Children/Youth Ministries/VBS

Children's SS2
Children's Choir
Children's SS1
Children's SS
Christmas Play
Easter Hunt

Pastor DD and
First Lady
Paulette Alexander
1977 - 2015

DD and Paulette Early.jpg
Pastor O Transparent.png
First Lady Child Transparent.png

Preaching and Singing Still

Pastor Orlando and
First Lady Shannon Hadnot
Then and Now
2017 - Present


The Choir

The Choir.jpg
The Choir2.jpg
The Choir3.jpg
The Choir5.jpg
The Choir6.jpg

Annual Picnic

Annual Picnic.jpg
Annual Picnic4.jpg
Annual Picnic6.jpg
Annual Picnic5.jpg
Annual Picnic3.jpg
Annual Picnic1.jpg
Annual Picnic2.jpg