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Holy Tabernacle of God Missionary Baptist Church - The Journey

Joe Green.jpg

Our beginning:

325 N. Hillcrest Ave.

Inglewood, CA

May 1977 - April 1981

Church Bldg Pics.png
325 N. Hillcrest Sign.jpg
Ilene Hicks.jpg

Ileane Hicks (left) used her tithes to open the doors for the first time.

Charles G and Errie.jpg

Three of our organizing members: Charles Givens, Errie Norris,
Joe Green

325 N. Hillcrest2.jpg
325 N. Hillcrest1.jpg
325 N. Hillcrest.jpg
325 N. Hillcrest3.jpg

A few faces of the beginning.

Our purchase:

6701 West Blvd.

Inglewood, CA

April 1981 - Oct. 2004

Church Bldg Pics.png
Holy Tabernacle Sign (2).jpg
Bldg Before.jpg
Bldg Ready to Move In.jpg

Ready to move in.

Property had several houses used for prostitution, drugs
and gambling.

Children/Youth Ministries/VBS

Children's SS2
Children's Choir
Children's SS1
Children's SS
Christmas Play
Easter Hunt

Pastor DD and
First Lady
Paulette Alexander
1977 - 2015

DD and Paulette Early.jpg
Pastor and Wife2.png
Pastor O Transparent.png
First Lady Child Transparent.png

Preaching and Singing Still

Pastor Orlando and
First Lady Shannon Hadnot
Then and Now
2017 - Present


The Choir

The Choir.jpg
The Choir2.jpg
The Choir1.jpg
The Choir3.jpg
The Choir5.jpg
The Choir6.jpg

Annual Picnic Then

Annual Picnic.jpg
Annual Picnic4.jpg
Annual Picnic6.jpg
Annual Picnic5.jpg
Annual Picnic3.jpg
Annual Picnic1.jpg
Annual Picnic2.jpg

Annual Picnic Now

Church Picnic3.jpg
Church Picnic_edited.jpg
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