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Stewardship &

The Stewardship and Administration  Ministry shall follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit when working with all ministries in developing, executing and managing the policies, procedures, and public affairs of Holy Tabernacle, and will diligently work to ensure the proper funds, tools, and resources are available to help facilitate the spiritual and physical growth of the church body—local and abroad.

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Discipleship Development 

The Discipleship Development Ministry shall seek to equip persons to become disciples of Jesus Christ through the use of biblical principles received from Bible study, discipleship training and Christian counseling.

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The Evangelism Ministry shall work to win the lost both locally and globally. We shall accomplish this by spreading and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ which is the Gospel. We further plan to reach the community where our church is established through planned Evangelism events. We will reach out and invite them of all ages to join us with a oneness of purpose, educating and empowering them through our New Member Class, Bible study, disciple making, and by helping them to become followers of Christ and members of the Holy Tabernacle of God Missionary Baptist Church family.

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The Membership Care Ministry serves the church by effectively ministering to the needs of individuals and families to promote mutual healing, growth, and support to the congregation and the community.

Membership Care
Local and International Missions Ministr

The Missions Ministry shall seek to share the gospel and meet the needs of people, both spiritually and physically in our church, community, and globally. We will equip leaders and volunteers in the work of the ministry and support and encourage missionaries in the field. We will assist other ministries in providing a nurturing environment while adhering to biblical principles and maintaining a Christian standard.

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The Music and Worship Ministry is to minister to individuals through song and to usher in the Holy Spirit. Music, when sung fervently, lifts thoughts, tunes hearts and puts individuals into a spiritual atmosphere so we are better able to receive the message being brought forth by the pastor or speaker. The Music and Worship Ministry is not here to entertain but to provide inspiration, warmth and unity to the service.

Music and Worship
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Prayer Ministry 

The Prayer Ministry is committed to actively pray for our members and community and encourage prayer in the life of our church. To maintain an intimacy with God as expressed through communion with Him in prayer. As our hearts are open and responsive to the Holy Spirit, we pray that God’s love, guidance, forgiveness and healing power will be released for the benefit of His people for His glory.

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